RealRate | Fair and independent Ratings.

We analyze companies and inform clients and brokers, because financial strength determines future returns and service levels. Providing explainable results based on Artificial Intelligence. The RealRate seal is used to build customer trust, strengthen your brand and grow your business.

Our method combines expert knowledge and artificial intelligence. Enabling a causal analysis of the causes of financial strength in our rating reports.

We stand for maximum objectivity and comparability. The rated companies can acquire the RealRate seal of approval, advertising their financial strength.

Fair. Our Artificial Intelligence is totally unbiased, using only public, audited data. Independent. We do not work on behalf of the investigated companies. Innovative. We combine expert knowledge and artificial intelligence – and we make it explainable, using our award-winning AI software.

RealRate Seal 2021

The RealRate Seal

Use the seal of approval to advertise your outstanding financial strength. Build trust with your customers, sales partners, and investors.

Promote your company with the RealRate seal of approval


RealRate Method

RealRate is a rating agency using Explainable Artificial Intelligence to create fair, unbiased, and ethical company ratings. Our rating seal helps build customer trust.


The RealRate ranking determines:

  • The financial health of the business.
  • The company’s profitability.
  • The extent of safety cushions and resilience.
  • The company’s ability to generate profits in future.

As a key result we compute the economic capital ratio, i.e. the company’s fair value in relation to its total assets.



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