AI and the Future of Jobs Part 2

Carrying on the hot topic of the moment, many people are saying that AI will be taking humans’ jobs soon, or some indeed say that it has already started.

So, what is the situation?

British-American computer scientist, physicist, and businessperson, Stephan Wolfram, says it is not so straightforward.

Although AI has reached groundbreaking heights lately, which leads humans to ask these pertinent questions, and indeed Wolfram says in the future this will only increase, he says we must look to history for a rounded look at the argument.

The role of humans has ever been evolving….‘and yet at each stage in history—at least so far—there always seem to be other kinds of work that keep people busy. But there’s a pattern that increasingly seems to repeat. Technology in some way or another enables some new occupation. And eventually that occupation becomes widespread, and lots of people do it. But then there’s a technological advance, and the occupation gets automated—and people aren’t needed to do it anymore. But now there’s a new level of technology, that enables new occupations. And the cycle continues.’

Things to consider, indeed; and good news for those who think the role of humans is doomed.

And this announcement by Goldman Sachs features information on both sides of the argument, too:

It says that although 7% of workers will lose their jobs completely if AI reaches half of employers, generative AI will raise U.S. annual labor productivity growth by 1.5% per year over a 10-year period.


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