DKM 2020: Interview with the independent analysis company RealRate

DKM 2020: Interview with the independent analysis company RealRate  (only in german)

In the interview with Dr. Bartel, managing director of the analysis house RealRate, the camera was there. What is important for customers when it comes to occupational disability insurance, apart from the price?

Price, terms and conditions and regulatory behavior: Don’t forget financial strength!

The financial strength of an insurer radiates onto its products, according to Dr. Bartel. See why the current low-interest phase is becoming more relevant in this interview:  (only in german)                 

A look into the future: From transparency to AI

The second part is about the methodology of the rating house RealRate. Among other things, it uses artificial intelligence to find out the financial strength of the companies it examines. RealRate attaches great importance to transparency. Customers are told whether they will also receive surpluses in the future or whether their premiums will have to be adjusted:  (only in german)         

BU insurers: financial strength and cross-financing

The third part deals with the relationship between financial strength and BU premium stability. For which customer group does Mr. Bartel see disadvantages? What types of cross-financing are permissible?  (only in german)