Explaining the AI Black Box Using Human Knowledge

We are delighted to announce that Holger Bartel, CEO and founder of RealRate, has appeared in Fintech Innovators’ ‘Advancing AI in Finance’ Booster event.

Holger Bartel, the founder of RealRate, shows the need to make AI models explainable. This is a prerequisite for AI models to get broadly accepted and be compliant with upcoming laws.

Holger advocates using models that are explainable by design and – most importantly – cover causations. It is well known that causation is not correlation, but practical examples of causal models are still rare.

Holger, being a serial fintech founder, is driven by bringing new technologies to the market. In this talk, he gives practical tips on how to climb the ladder of causation and achieve human reasoning within AI.

RealRate is the first AI rating agency, covering more than 20 US industries and more than 2000 US stock-listed companies, with offices in Santa Clara and Berlin.


Watch the full video here: