Predictions for Artificial Intelligence

What experts predict for 2023. Being interested in AI, I spotted this:

„Artificial intelligence will pop up everywhere“.

Well, that is not an extremely specific forecast… but nonetheless, I agree.

At RealRate we are using AI to create fair and unbiased company ratings.

Remember the 2008 financial crisis? Well, it was a rating crisis, too: rating agencies first provided top ratings (well, that is what they are paid for), and months after the markets crashed, they reduced their ratings. But this was too late for the shareholders. All this was due to huge conflicts of interest.

Unfortunately, this is how a 10-billion-dollar industry works. My mission for 2023: Let us make the company ratings fair and unbiased, using AI instead of paid and biased humans. If you want to see what our AI thinks about specific stock-listed companies, have a look here:

We already have 15 industries covered and include over 1500 stock-listed companies. And there is more to come, so stay tuned!