Progress of Artificial Intelligence

Lots of scientific progress was made last year.


This was achieved in the areas of quantum computing and biotech – and artificial intelligence was behind some important advancements like protein folding, chat-bots, and image generation.


AI is getting smarter, though definitely not consciously. It is already almost omnipresent, although most people are not aware of it. But for me, non-awareness is a good sign, meaning AI is in real-world application and has successfully left the pure scientific domain.


Have a look at a visually appealing timeline of scientific breakthroughs in 2022:


At RealRate we want to add a tiny bit to this by making AI more explainable in the finance domain. As long as AI is a black box, people will not accept it or might even fear it. So, let us work on explainability and fairness in artificial intelligence in 2023! Happy New Year!


If you are curious, have a look at our most recent company rankings performed by our award-winning AI:




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