RealRate and VCEngine

In the complex world of finance, RealRate offers businesses clear, unbiased, and understandable insights into their financial health.

Harnessing the power of AI, RealRate delivers fair, independent, and innovative ratings. ???

1️⃣   Fair: RealRate eliminates bias using AI and strictly public, audited data. ??

2️⃣   Independent: RealRate operates exclusively on behalf of businesses, free from external influences. ??

3️⃣   Innovative: RealRate’s award-winning software combines industry expertise and AI for transparent, explainable ratings. ?️??

Discover RealRate’s offerings at – ?? The first AI rating agency

AI does not stop at financial ratings; it is also revolutionizing fundraising!

Meet VCengine: Simplifying Capital Raising with AI ??

For startups, non-tech businesses, or institutional investors, VCengine’s AI-powered investor database and extensive network of over 32,000 global investors is set to revolutionize capital raising processes.??

1️⃣  Proven Success: VCengine has facilitated 900+ successful fund raises & $3B+ in transactions. ??

2️⃣   Personalized Support: VCengine provides expertly tailored business plans. ??

3️⃣   Access to Investors: VCengine arranges 5000+ investor meetings per month. ??

4️⃣   Investor Engagement: VCengine aims for 50 to 600 investor engagements per deal. ??

5️⃣   Fast Response Time: VCengine commits to a response time of 12 hours or less. ⏱️?


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