RealRate as part of the October cohort of the New Chip Accelerator program in Austin, Texas

We are happy to announce that RealRate ( has been selected as part of the October 2021 cohort of the New Chip Accelerator program based in Austin, Texas, United States.

@Newchip Accelerator is regarded as the number one online accelerator providing access to funds for startups across the world. Newchip is an online, global startup accelerator, led by a world-class team of entrepreneurs and investors. It provides founders with all of the tools and skills necessary to build, scale, and fund their startups.

RealRate, based in Berlin / Germany and Santa Clara / USA, is an AI company making artificial intelligence fair and explainable. Currently, RealRate is preparing its entry into the US ratings market to provide stock listed companies with fair and explainable financial strength ratings based on AI..