RealRate Graduates from Newchip Seed Program

Newchip Certificate

For some startup CEOs from all over the world, today is a date to remember. Being part of the October 2021 startup cohort, we successfully completed Newchip’s seed program for startups and were awarded the full designation of a Newchip graduate today.
We are proud to announce that RealRate Graduated from Newchip Seed Program, the leading remote global accelerator!

RealRate and its CEO, Dr. Holger Bartel, joined the October 2021 cohort and just today crossed the finishing line.

The program comprises over 5000 hours of coursework and 180 hours of mastermind sessions. In this way Newchip provides founders with all of the network, tools and skills necessary to build, scale, and fund a startup. Starting from Lean Canvas to Exit, the curriculum covers all topics required to understand a startup’s life cycle.

Newchip is a Texas-based accelerator targeting startups from all over the world. Mission: Newchip helps startups to succeed by providing them with all tools and skills necessary to fund, build, and scale. Certainly, the focus is on fundraising.

During the program we scaled up, growing the team and focusing on sales. As a Newchip alumni we are looking forward to keep in touch with the huge Newchip network. We will be connecting to even more mentors, fellow co-founders and investors.

This graduation and the presentation at Newchip’s Online Demo Week marked the start of RealRate’s US Seed Round 2022, after closing the European Business Angels round last year.
Being chosen as the one out of 150 companies to kick off the Online Demo Week, we are happy to attract quite some attention from investors believing in the team and being interested in cutting-edge AI technology for the finance industry.