RealRate in the The LegalTech Fund Market Map for Generative AI – Article



RealRate has some incredible news to announce!


We have been included in The LegalTech Fund’s GenAI Market Map, which is available to read here right now:–bnd/





Generative AI is transforming the operations of law firms and companies, offering innovative solutions across multiple areas of legal practice.


As its applications rapidly expand and with over $850 million in capital raised by stakeholders in the sector, it is evident that generative AI is more than a trend; it is a formidable force reshaping the legal industry.


The Legal Tech Fund’s Market Map, informed by over 1,000 meetings with founders, categorizes early-stage companies dedicated to using generative AI to enhance efficiency and drive innovation for both law firms and corporations.




At RealRate, we harness the power of AI to provide independent and truly unbiased company ratings.


We only work with audited public data, are explainable and fair, and do not have any conflicts of interest.