RealRate is part of the German Artificial Intelligence Landscape 2021


We are excited to announce that RealRate, the AI-based rating agency, is part of the German Artificial Intelligence Landscape 2021. The Landscape covers the most promising German AI startups.

NVIDIA and Google, as well as eight leading Venture Capital companies (Digital+ Partners, Earlybird, eCAPITAL, HTGF, Holtzbrinck, Lakestar, Speedinvest, and Unternehmertum) decided on the best AI startups in Germany.

The fourth annual German AI Startup Landscape of appliedAI initiative has just been published in Handelsblatt. Some interesting trends are the globalization as well as the use of open source software:

RealRate’s core software, making AI explainable, also has been publicly released:

The data collected shows that the German AI scene is coming of age and that well-known startups are increasingly establishing themselves on the market.
40% of startups are located in Berlin. This is also true for RealRate, but in addition we opened an office in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara this year.
10% of startups are active in Finance & Insurance. RealRate is one out of 14 companies in that category.
It is already the second year in a row that RealRate is part of the Artificial Intelligence Landscape.

The Startup Landscape: