RealRate on The Gary Fowler Show


„Gary’s Picks: Investors, Startups & Tech“ hosted a live interview with Holger Bartel, founder and CEO of RealRate, an AI-based rating agency.
Watch here how Realrate uses Explainable Artificial Intelligence, disrupting the rating industry:

Dr. Holger Bartel is CEO and founder of RealRate. Holger is a serial entrepreneur, having previously founded several fintech companies. His experience includes the position of an appointed actuary in a big German insurance group.
Holger received his PhD in Statistics. Based on his research he founded several fintech companies, driven by changing markets deploying new technology.

It was during his time as an appointed actuary in the insurance industry that he engaged key rating agencies, where he came to understand the shortcomings and challenges needed to revolutionize the insurance rating industry.

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