TDWI Vienna: RealRate Debuts Advanced Analytics for Austrian Insurers

We’re thrilled to have participated in the TDWI [] Roundtable held on April 16 in Vienna. TDWI, which stands for „Transforming Data With Intelligence,“ embodies the mission at RealRate where we blend Artificial Intelligence with expert insights to provide causally interpretable data.



At the event, Dr. Holger Bartel [] and Prof. Dr. Mirko Kraft [] unveiled groundbreaking insights, applying their innovative method to assess the financial robustness of Austrian insurers for the first time.

This analysis was made possible by the largest model ever developed by RealRate [], designed to handle the multifaceted nature of Austrian insurance sectors including life, health, and property and casualty insurance.

By integrating specific balance sheets and profit and loss items, we derived a crucial financial metric: the economic capital ratio. This methodology, comprised of over 100 equations, ensures our results are not just numbers, but explainable data with traceable roots.



These findings are visually represented through our distinctive, color-coded causal tree diagrams, making complex data accessible and actionable for decision-makers.



The workshop was dynamically led by Prof. Jan Ehmke [] and Franz Amesberger [] in the heart of Vienna at the TCI headquarters, with options for attendees to join either in person or online, fostering lively debates throughout the session.


For more details, check out the official post on LinkedIn here: