The Best German Health Insurers: Rated by Real Rate’s Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence

RealRate’s 2022 ranking for German private health insurance can be seen below. The results are very close again this year!

Here are RealRate’s top 10 German health insurers for 2022, with the top 8 achieving the prestigious “Top Rated” award.


The top 3 companies are R+V Kranken, Mecklenburgische Kranken, and ARAG Kranken.

They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 51%, 48% and 39% respectively. The market average is 17%.

R+V Kranken did well due to their Future Passive surpluses. Mecklenburgische Kranken and ARAG Kranken did well due to their Passive Evaluation Reserves.


Barmenia Kranken climbed 19 positions from 26 to 7 due to its excellent Inventory Depletion Rate.

NÜRNBERGER Kranken lost 20 positions, from 7 to 27, due to its bad future surpluses.

Freie Ärzt- und Medizinkasse entered the 2022 ranking in 33rd position, making it the best newcomer.

The biggest company by assets, Debeka Kranken, is only ranked 10, whereas the smallest company, Mecklenburgische Kranken, is financially stronger in 2nd place.

Here are the remaining contestants:



Around 11% of Germans take out a private health insurance policy. You can only sign up if you fall into one of these categories:

  • If you earn over €60,750 per year
  • If you earn under €450 per month
  • Students aged between 23–30
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Civil servants (as insurance is subsidized by the employer)

There are just over 40 companies offering private health insurance and the market is worth a colossal €49 billion.

The awesome thing about RealRate is that we deliver totally fair and independent ratings, bringing together expert knowledge with really cutting edge artificial intelligence. It’s the AI model that computes the crucial Economic Capital Ratio figure.

We’re 100% unbiased and use only public data that’s been audited. RealRate are fair, explainable, and above all, we avoid any conflicts of interest.

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