The Best U.S. Advertising Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Groundbreaking AI



The results for RealRate’s 2024 ranking for U.S. Advertising are detailed here and are ranked by financial strength!


The Top 10 Advertising companies are as follows:





The top 3 Advertising companies in order are National Cinemedia Inc., Surgepays Inc., and Mastermind Inc..

They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 1271%, 635%, and 380%, respectively.

This increased the companies’ Economic Capital Ratio scores by 1206%, 989%, and 340% points, respectively.

National CineMedia Inc. climbed an impressive 20 places from last year’s ranking to take the 1st position this year, so big congratulations to them. Surgepays climbed 14 places into 2nd spot, so a huge well done there, too. Mastermind Inc. did not appear last year, so they did well to jump back into the 3rd position they held in 2022.


From a total of 22 Advertising companies, 5 received our coveted ‘Top Rated’ award.






The next 10 Advertising companies are as follows:



The American advertising sector is a robust industry generating substantial revenues, surpassing $270 billion annually.

It encompasses various mediums, including digital, television, print, and outdoor advertising. With a strong focus on innovation and consumer engagement, the sector continues to evolve, driven by advancements in technology and data analytics.

The impressive thing we do at RealRate is to deliver utterly fair and independent company ratings, bringing together expert knowledge and innovative artificial intelligence in one package.

Our AI model computes the all-important Economic Capital Ratio figure.

Looking at our model in more detail, one can see it is very much unbiased and only uses audited public data. We are not part of any advertising company.

We are fair, explain ourselves very well and we also avoid any all-important conflicts of interest.