The Best U.S. Consulting Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Superb Artificial Intelligence



RealRate’s 2023 ranking for the U.S. Consulting industry is hot off the press. The results, which are sorted by financial strength, are right here!


The Top 10 Consulting Companies are as follows:



The top 3 companies in order are Pharma-Bio Serv Inc., Mastech Digital Inc., and RMR Group Inc.

They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 152%, 151%, and 132%, respectively.

Pharma-Bio Serv Inc. and Mastech Digital Inc. had superior Other Revenues scores, whilst RMR Group Inc. had a strong Revenue from Contract with Customer score.

Pharma-Bio Serv Inc. moved up from 4th to 1st in the last year, so congratulations! Mastech Digital went from 5th to 2nd, so another well done. RMR Group Inc. held onto its 3rd spot.

From a total of 30 companies, 7 received our ‘Top Rated’ award.






The next 10 companies are as follows:



The American consulting industry is a dynamic and competitive sector comprised of firms that offer expertise across various fields.

It plays a pivotal role in helping businesses enhance operations, make strategic decisions, and navigate complex challenges.

With a diverse range of specialties, from management to technology, the industry contributes significantly to the nation’s economic growth and innovation.

RealRate brings to the market a rating system that is truly independent and fair.

We have expert knowledge and use innovative artificial intelligence to compute the Economic Capital Ratio figure.

We are unbiased and work only with audited public data. We are not only fair but also explainable and have no conflicts of interest.

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