The Best U.S. Recreation Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Outstanding Artificial Intelligence



Strap yourselves in for RealRate’s 2023 ranking for U.S. Recreation, which is now out. The results, which are sorted by financial strength, are right here!


The Top 10 Recreation companies are as follows:



The top 3 recreation companies in order are Cedar Fair L P, Table Trac Inc, and Walt Disney Co.

They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 415%, 288%, and 221%, respectively.

All 3 recreation companies did well due to their superior Net Income scores.

Cedar Fair jumped from 5th to 1st place, after moving from 25th spot in 2021. Table Trac consolidated its 2nd place and giant Disney moved from 4th to 3rd in the last year.

From a total of 38 recreation companies, 9 received our ‘Top Rated’ award.






The next 10 Recreation companies are as follows:



The outdoor recreation industry contributed approximately $454 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021.

The segment of the outdoor recreation industry contributing the most was non-local travel, at $142 billion.

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