The Mightiest U.S. Computer Companies: Rated by Incredible AI

Our RealRate rankings for the 2022 U.S. Computer Industry have just been released!


These are hot off the press, folks, and make for interesting reading for anyone interested in the U.S. computer market.


The Top 12 companies found to be the best by RealRate are as follows:



The top 3 companies in order are Wetouch Technology, Mandiant and A10 Networks. They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 495%, 345% and 338% respectively. The market average is 203%. All 3 companies did well due to their superior Profit Margin scores.

5 companies received our ‘Top Rated’ award.




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The remaining 15 companies in the ranking are as follows:



The U.S. Computer Industry is a $10 billion industry and has nearly 300 businesses involved in it. It employs over 17,000 people.


There is predicted to be an increasing demand worldwide for electronics over the coming years and so U.S. companies are set to meet this demand with manufacturing.


The amazing thing we do at RealRate is to deliver fair and independent ratings, bringing together expert knowledge with groundbreaking AI. It’s this AI model that computes the crucial Economic Capital Ratio figure.


Being unbiased is part of our technology and business. We’re not connected to any computer company and we are always fair and extremely explainable.


What we’re doing is revolutionary for the industry and we’re so excited to be offering this service to the market.

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