The Most Powerful U.S. Computer Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Incredible Artificial Intelligence



The results for RealRate’s 2024 ranking for U.S. Computers are right here and are ranked, as ever, by financial strength!


The Top 10 Computer companies are as follows:




The top 3 Computer companies in order are Immersion Corp., Wetouch Technology Inc., and Arista Networks Inc.

They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 606%, 569%, and 535%, respectively.

The companies’ Economic Capital Ratio scores increased by 165, 97, and 203 percentage points, respectively. This was due to Immersion and Arista Networks having a superior Net Income score, and Wetouch Technology due to a strong Liabilities performance.

Immersion climbed 2 places since last year to take the 1st spot, WeTouch Technologies consolidated 2nd spot from 2023, and Arista Networks climbed one place to 3rd.

A special mention also goes to Transact Technologies Inc., which climbed 13 positions from 18th to 5th, due to its excellent Other Revenues variable.


From a total of 23 Computer companies, 5 received our coveted ‘Top-Rated’ award.







The next 10 Computer companies are as follows:



The American computer industry stands as a pillar of innovation and economic prowess, driving global technological advancement.

In 2023, it boasted a staggering $400 billion in revenue, reflecting its pivotal role in sectors from software development to hardware manufacturing. This industry continues to shape our digital future with relentless innovation and growth.

RealRate brings to the market a rating system that is truly independent and fair.

We have expert knowledge and use innovative artificial intelligence to compute the Economic Capital Ratio figure.

We are unbiased and work only with audited public data. We are not only fair but also explainable and have no conflicts of interest.

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