The Strongest German Disability Insurance Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Brilliant Artificial Intelligence

RealRate has been busy with the figures and can now present the best Disability Insurance companies in Germany for 2022, using its incredible AI.


The results, sorted by technical future interest rate, can be seen here.



The Top 10 Disability Insurance companies are as follows:



The top 3 companies in order are Deutsche Ärzteversicherung, BL die Bayerische and Continentale Leben. They have Economic Capital Ratio figures of 47%, 40% and 22% respectively.


Deutsche Ärzteversicherung and Continentale Leben performed better than the rest due to their Future Profits from Technical Insurance Business score, and BL die Bayerische had a strong Risk and Other Result score.


Delta Direkt Leben and Dialog Leben retain their 1st and 2nd spots from 2021 and Europa Leben moves up from 4th.


Deutsche Ärzteversicherung retains its first place from the previous 2 years. BL die Bayerische move up from 6th in 2021 to regain its 2nd spot they held in 2020. Continentale Leben move from the 4th position it held in 2020 and 2021 to 3rd this time round.


14 companies received our ‘Top Rated’ award.





The next 10 companies in the ranking are as follows:



Disability insurance in Germany is one that replaces part of your monthly income in case a disability arises which means you cannot work.


There are many types of policies that differ in cost and overall coverage, but it is usually about 1-3% of your annual salary.


Over 8 million people in Germany currently have such a policy. Term-life and disability insurance will only pay out in the event of death or disability, respectively.


The Top-Rated insurance companies will be able to maintain high bonus participation in the future.


RealRate brings to the market fair and independent company ratings, coupling together expert knowledge with revolutionary artificial intelligence. Our AI model processes the all-important technical future interest rate figure.


We are completely unbiased and are not connected to any insurance company. We are and always will be fair and explainable.


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