The Strongest German Life Hidden Reserves Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Brilliant Artificial Intelligence



Here is RealRate’s 2023 ranking for German Life Hidden Reserves, sorted by financial strength, including hidden reserves.


The Top 10 Life Hidden Reserves companies are as follows:




The top 3 Life Hidden Reserves companies in order are Bayerische Beamten Leben, Lebensversicherung von 1871, and INTER Leben.

They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 53%, 37%, and 35% respectively.

Bayerische Beamten Leben, Lebensversicherung von 1871, and INTER Leben all did well due to their strong Hidden Asset Reserves scores.

Bayerische Beamten Leben consolidated its 1st position from last year, so congratulations there. Lebensversicherung von 1871 was 3rd  for the last 2 years, so well done for moving into 2nd spot. INTER Leben was 2nd last year.

From a total of 58 Life Hidden Reserves companies, 14 received our ‘Top Rated’ award.






Hidden reserves occur if the market values of assets are higher than book values. Life insurers had a lot of them before interest rates started to increase sharply recently.


This affects how companies can manage market risks. This new rating explicitly takes into account these reduced hidden reserves when assessing financial strength.


The impressive thing we do at RealRate is to deliver utterly fair and independent company ratings, bringing together expert knowledge and innovative artificial intelligence in one package. Our AI model computes the all-important Economic Capital Ratio figure.


Looking at our model in more detail, one can see it is very much unbiased and only uses audited public data. We are not part of any insurance company.


We are fair, explain ourselves very well, and we also avoid any all-important conflicts of interest.