The Strongest U.S. Health Service Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Innovative AI



The results are in for RealRate’s 2023 ranking for U.S. Health Services. The results, which are ranked by financial strength, are right here!


The Top 10 Health Service companies are as follows:




The top 3 Health Service companies in order are Pacific Health Care Organization Inc, SunLink Health Systems Inc, and Fulgent Genetics Inc..

They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 309%, 307.60%, and 307.55%, respectively.

Pacific Health Care Organization had a very impressive Long Term Liabilities score, and SunLink Health Systems and Fulgent Genetics had strong Net Income scores.

Pacific Health Care Organization Inc moved up from 6th spot in 2021 to 2nd last year, and now leads the way, so a great run there. SunLink Health Systems similarly have moved up from 15th to 3rd to 2nd in the last 3 years. Fulgent Genetics went from 2nd to 1st to 3rd, so very solid performing there.

From a total of 91 Health Service companies, 22 received our ‘Top Rated’ award.






The next 10 Health Service companies are as follows:



The U.S. healthcare industry is enormous and is continuing to grow as the population increases.

The healthcare industry was worth $808 billion in the United States as of 2021, and 65% of the industry’s revenue comes from patient care.

U.S. national healthcare expenditure reached $4.3 trillion in 2021, or $12,914 per person, and is estimated to reach $6.2 trillion by 2028, per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

U.S. healthcare is more expensive than most countries. According to the Commonwealth Fund, the U.S. spent 16.8% of gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare in 2019.

The impressive thing we do at RealRate is to deliver utterly fair and independent company ratings, bringing together expert knowledge and innovative artificial intelligence in one package. Our AI model computes the all-important Economic Capital Ratio figure.

Looking at our model in more detail, one can see it is very much unbiased and only uses audited public data. We are not part of any health service company. We are fair, explain ourselves very well and we also avoid any all-important conflicts of interest.