AI in Germany

I founded RealRate, the AI rating agency, in Germany.

Therefore, I am closely watching the role of artificial intelligence here.

I am happy to see that AI is not just boosting the software industry, but it has also found its way into some ‚old style‘ industries, such as:

  • Plant analytics
  • Process automation
  • Recruiting
  • Market research
  • Architecture

Disruption does not always happen with a big bang. But it is incredibly fast, though.


Konux GmbH is the German company with the highest turnover that is active in the field of artificial intelligence. This is shown in the infographic based on data from Statista Company Insights. The Munich-based company develops solutions for the automation of operating, monitoring and maintenance processes. Atheneum Partners follows in second place. This is a global platform for market research and knowledge sharing. The company’s mission is to connect its clients with the world’s best professionals and industry leaders.

With Ada Health, a company from the health segment is also represented in the top list. It developed the app Ada, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help people understand and manage their health. At the same time, Ada should also help doctors by providing a longer-term overview of a patient’s health picture and supporting the diagnosis process with suggestions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) means, among other things, the simulation and automation of intelligent behavior. This is used in a wide variety of areas, such as the development of language assistants, industrial robots or supercomputers. The branch of autonomous driving can also be classified in it. In healthcare, among other things, AI solutions can bring together large amounts of clinical data in order to gain a holistic view of the patient. But AI is also already present in robotics for surgery, care, rehabilitation and orthopedics.