Microsoft Bets Big on the Future of AI

Microsoft is set to invest billions in its new artificial intelligence software, OpenAI.

As the Irish Times reports, this heralds a new era of artificial intelligence for the world.

It could also lead to a realignment of AI and comes as tech groups clamber to mark out their territory in what they see as a brave new world.

OpenAI is well known for being the creator of the artificial intelligence-powered art software ‘Dall E,’ engine which came to prominence last year, becoming the new tech fad of the internet in 2022.

Their latest scene stealer is ChatGPT, an AI system that can answer users’ queries and write text in a natural-sounding language.

Microsoft executives are putting their money where their collective mouths are in the belief that AI will have a deep impact on humanity.

“These [AI] models are going to change the way that people interact with computers,” said Eric Boyd, head of AI platforms at Microsoft. “Talking to a computer as naturally as a person will revolutionise the everyday experience of using technology,” he added.

Microsoft made its first $1 billion investment in OpenAI back in 2019, which leads to the position they find itself in today. The American software giant and pioneer has used OpenAI’s technology in its own products, and executives in the California-based company say this is only the beginning of what is capable.

Exciting times indeed.

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