RealRate at Digital Growth Podcast: Sales, Marketing and Culture


RealRate’s CEO, Dr. Holger Bartel, in interview with Digital Growth host Fouad Soultana. New podcast episode released on March 15, 2022.

Listen here (in German):

38 min

Today’s guest is Holger from RealRate. RealRate creates financial strength ratings for organizations like insurance companies or banks. The big difference to the established rating agencies is that RealRate uses an AI technology and thus no interests and preferences of humans are involved in the rating of the companies. This allows conflicts of interest to be circumvented and potential financial crises to be avoided.
Holger explains to us the exact B2B sales channel through which RealRate was able to acquire billion-dollar companies like Bayerische Versicherung.

Holger also delves into the topic of internationalization. He describes exactly how this will be approached in the future and what needs to be considered in the process.
We conclude the episode by talking about the different corporate cultures in countries like America, Japan and China.

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