RealRate kicks off Demo Week of Newchip!


Newchip’s Online Demo Week is coming up: March 21st-24th, 2022. Newchip, being one of the worlds biggest accelerators, is hosting a whole week for startups to pitch their vision to investors. And RealRate was chosen to kick off the event of 150 hot startups in total! Covering: FinTech, Cybersecurity, Payments, InsureTech, Augmented Reality, EdTech, Healthcare, Industrial, Logistics, Media and more. Each company is given a ten-minute slot to convince international investors.

RealRate opening Newchip’s Online Demo Week:
10:10 AM CT / 16:10 AM CET
Industry – FinTech, Payments, InsureTech
RealRate Inc., Dr. Holger Bartel

Newchip’s Online Demo Week is the start of RealRate Inc.’s US seed round, after closing the European business angels round with 7 startup investors and strategic partners. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to RealRate’s CEO Dr. Holger Bartel explaining how he is up to change the ratings market and bringing Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) to the finance industry.

Monday is the first day of Online Demo Week. Get free access to the stream and on-demand pitches. RSVP to Newchip’s Online Demo Week here, it’s totally free:…
Tune in at 10AM CST Monday morning for Day 1 and watch RealRate kicking off the event!

With company presentations, and over 15 industries represented, Newchip’s March 2022 Demo Week has something for everyone.
Investors who register for Online Demo Week will receive access to all participating startups through Newchip’s Investor Relations team and can watch the whole week for free. If you are unable to watch the event live, make sure to register anyway to receive access to all pitches on-demand after the event.

The complete Online Demo Week schedule is here:…/17yjg1q7Pmjbyn6RvnZVv7vrrXE7…/edit