The Best German Life Insurers: Real Rate’s AI has been at work

We look at the current German life insurance market to see a truly independent ranking system taking shape.


RealRate’s 2021 ranking for German life insurance can be seen below. And the results are very close this time around!

HUK-Coburg Leben takes 1st position by a very narrow margin from Familienfürsorge Leben. Lebensversicherung von 1871 isn’t far behind in 3rd spot.


The table of the top 15 German life insurers for 2021 is as follows:



Now let’s look at some of the reasons behind the rankings, shall we?


HUK-Coburg and Familienfürsorge Leben both had a fantastic score in the HGB equity without GR and NV entry, which enabled their Economic Equity Ratio to be increased by 4.5 and 5.66 percentage points respectively.


Lebensversicherung von 1871 did well in the Future Shareholder Gains category, boosting their Economic Equity Ratio by 2.95 percentage points.


These companies were between 3-5% above the Economic Capital Ratio average of 5%. This is the ratio of a company’s own funds to their assets under management. It’s essentially a measure of financial strength.


HUK-Coburg also took top spot in 2020, so a very solid performance to consolidate on that result.


Familienfürsorge Leben and Lebensversicherung von 1871 came 3rd and 5th in 2020 progressively, so both have improved.

A very well done to all companies in the Top 16, all of whom were “Top Rated” by RealRate.


The next 15 companies are as follows:



The German life insurance market is worth over €100 billion with over 30 million active policies.


The brilliant thing about RealRate is that they deliver 100% fair and independent ratings, joining together expert knowledge and cutting edge artificial intelligence. The AI model they use computes the super important Economic Capital Ratio figure.


When one looks at the AI used in more detail, we can see that it’s totally unbiased and uses only audited public data. RealRate are not only fair and explainable but they avoid any conflicts of interest, too.


It’s really a win-win situation for us whichever way you look at it and we’re very excited about it. Well done RealRate for the important impact you are making in the German life insurance market!


Main photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels: