The Top German Risk Insurers: Rated by Cutting Edge AI

We’ve scanned the market for risk life insurance companies in Germany and found a very unique, independent rating system.


RealRate’s 2021 ranking for German risk (otherwise known as term) insurance is below. The results make very interesting reading.

Delta Direkt Leben are clear winners in 1st position with an Economic Equity Ratio of a stonking 43.87%. Dialog Leben aren’t too far behind with 38.2%. Both were deemed Top Rated by RealRate.

Deutsche Lebensversicherungs-AG takes the bronze medal position with 21.5%.

All 3 hold their position from 2020.


The table of all 8 German risk insurers for 2021 is as follows:



Looking at the data in more detail, we can see that Delta Direkt Leben profited from their Future Size Surplus, which increased the economic equity ratio by 22.42 percentage points.


The main strength of Dialog Life compared to the market average was the size of the Risk and Other Result, which increased the Economic Equity Ratio by 22.87 percentage points.


The main difference between risk life insurance and traditional life insurance is when a payment is made. Risk life insurance will only pay out in the event of death, whereas traditional life insurance also pays in the event of survival.


Risk life insurance is also significantly cheaper than classic life insurance.


There are currently around 8 million active term life insurance policies and over €4 billion in annual premiums are paid.


RealRate are very unique in their model. They bring to the table 100% independent and fair ratings, bringing together expert knowledge and superior artificial intelligence. The AI model that they use works out all important Economic Capital Ratio figure.


The AI is completely unbiased and uses public data that’s been audited. RealRate are fair, explainable and to top it off they avoid any conflicts of interest.


It’s a superior product they’re delivering, that’s for sure, and it’s definitely exciting. We look forward to the future of this young company.


Main photo by Elianne Dipp from Pexels: