The Most Powerful U.S. Consulting Companies: Ranked by RealRate’s Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence

RealRate has consulted its AI, and the best Consulting companies in the United States for 2022 are below, sorted by financial strength.


The Top 10 Consulting companies are as follows:



The top 3 companies in order are Lighbridge, Hackett Group and RMR Group. They had Economic Capital Ratio figures of 195%, 174% and 171% respectively.

Lightbridge performed well due to its strong Current Assets figure. Hackett Group and RMR Group did well due to strong Revenue from Contract with Customer scores.

Lightbridge moved up 14 places in 2021 from 15th to 1st. Hackett are making their first appearance in the standings since 2020 (a strong 4th place), and RMR Group also missed out last year but move up from 4th (2020) to 3rd this time around.

7 companies received our ‘Top Rated’ award.







The next 10 companies in the ranking are as follows:



Generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue a year, the consulting industry is truly massive.

It is recognised to be among the most prestigious, lucrative, and fastest-growing sectors in the professional services industry.

Emerging from American universities over 100 years ago, the industry has its roots in management consulting in post-Industrial Revolution America.

The greatest thing RealRate do is to bring to the market a rating system that is both fair and independent.

We couple expert knowledge with cutting-edge artificial intelligence in a superb package.

It is this AI model that computes the Economic Capital Ratio figure.

We are absolutely unbiased and work only with audited public data. We are explainable, fair, and have no conflicts of interest.


AI no longer needs to be a black box.

We are totally revolutionising the ratings industry one step at a time.


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