The Strongest U.S. Life Insurers: Rated by Artificial Intelligence

RealRate’s 2018 rankings for U.S. Life Insurance have just been released! They really make for interesting reading!

Topping the list with 21.02 percentage points is Atlantic American, beating Texas Republic Capital by almost a percentage point. UTG are 2.5 percentage points back in 3rd place.



9. Primerica Inc.


11. US Alliance Corp


The U.S. life insurance market is a $1 trillion market with over 260 million life insurance policies currently active in the United States. They are provided with both term life insurance and annuities.

A high financial strength is the most important key figure for customers in the long run, ensuring profitable insurance products and low risk of default.

The superb thing we do at RealRate is to deliver fair and independent ratings, coupling expert knowledge with cutting edge artificial intelligence. It’s the AI model that computes the all-important Economic Capital Ratio figure.

Our AI is completely unbiased and uses only audited public data. We are fair, explainable, and above all, avoid any conflicts of interest.

To us, it’s a win all around.

United States Ratings

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