2018 US Advertising

Financial Strength Rankings using Artificial Intelligence

Top rated6 of 27
Best rating269 %
Worst rating-2,656 %
New companies4
Negative Economic Capital Ratio13 of 27

Stagwell Inc climbed 8 positions from 17 to 9 due to its excellent Net Income.Innerscope Hearing Technologies INC lost 14 positions from 7 to 21 due to its bad Net Income.Angi Inc entered the 2018 ranking at rank 1, making it the best newcomer.

Revenues22.0 B
Assets34.9 B
Expenses23.0 B
Stockholders Equity13.0 B
Unprofitable Companies19 of 27
RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend
1Angi Inc269.26%0.0
2Criteo S A263.33%4.0
3Lendway INC196.48%7.0
4Quotient Technology Inc177.57%-1.0
5Telaria Inc174.64%6.0
7Omnicom Group INC145.94%2.0
8Fluent Inc87.41%0.0
9Stagwell Inc66.26%8.0
10Inuvo Inc41.29%0.0
11Groupon Inc35.25%5.0
12National Cinemedia LLC32.66%0.0
13Meet Group Inc14.89%-12.0
14National Cinemedia Inc1.00%-1.0
15Srax Inc-8.75%0.0
16Izea Worldwide Inc-176.17%2.0
17Agri Fintech Holdings INC-262.13%0.0
18Surgepays Inc-344.69%6.0
19Teardroppers Inc-476.02%4.0
20Network Cn INC-491.95%0.0
21Innerscope Hearing Technologies INC-617.03%-14.0
22Starco Brands Inc-825.60%4.0
23Nownews Digital Media Technology Co Ltd-1205.40%4.0
24Salon Media Group INC-2135.06%-5.0
25ADM Endeavors INC-2459.70%0.0
26Mobiquity Technologies Inc-2592.65%-1.0
27Us China Biomedical Technology Inc-2655.99%2.0
RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend

Feature Distribution Plot

The Feature Distribution shows the main industry variables and the distribution of their impact on financial strength. The more important a variable, the broader the distribution. As the effects are calculated relative to the industry average, half of the companies have a positive effect (green) and half have a negative effect (red). 

Regression Plot

The Regression compares the forecasted company valuation with the observed stock market values. A positive correlation suggests that the model effectively explains market prices.

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