2021 US Advertising

Financial Strength Rankings using Artificial Intelligence

Top rated7 of 29
Best rating452 %
Worst rating-1,223 %
New companies5
Negative Economic Capital Ratio15 of 29

NETWORK CN INC climbed 19 positions from 24 to 5 due to its excellent Net Income.TRAVELZOO lost 10 positions from 6 to 16 due to its bad Marketing and Selling Expenses.MASTERMIND INC. entered the 2021 ranking at rank 6, making it the best newcomer.

Revenues32.4 B
Assets61.9 B
Expenses32.1 B
Stockholders Equity15.8 B
Unprofitable Companies20 of 29

RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend
1Angi Inc.452.40%0.0
2Criteo S.A.317.02%3.0
3Fluent Inc.304.89%1.0
4Starco Brands Inc.293.91%18.0
5NETWORK CN INC258.30%19.0
6MASTERMIND INC.241.62%0.0
7ADM ENDEAVORS INC.229.53%-5.0
8OMNICOM GROUP INC.183.70%-1.0
9Thryv Holdings Inc.136.22%0.0
10Inuvo Inc.98.86%2.0
11IZEA Worldwide Inc.72.81%4.0
13Quotient Technology Inc.55.28%-5.0
17Groupon Inc.-134.06%-7.0
18National CineMedia Inc.-144.49%-2.0
19SRAX Inc.-145.98%1.0
20Stagwell Inc-147.41%-6.0
21Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc.-162.67%0.0
22Sun Pacific Holding Corp.-238.40%-5.0
23Ezagoo Ltd-410.11%-4.0
24Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery Inc.-443.48%0.0
25Teardroppers Inc.-629.19%-2.0
26SurgePays Inc.-786.81%-5.0
27TINGO INC.-817.27%-9.0
28Mobiquity Technologies Inc.-1138.18%-1.0
RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend

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