Topping the list is UTG, narrowly beating Globe Life into 2nd spot by just under a percentage point. Atlantic American takes 3rd place, again by just under one percentage point.

Diving a bit further into the figures, it was UTG’s healthy Other Total Revenues that set them apart, and Globe Life’s Net Premiums Earned, which was also the case with Atlantic American.

These companies were 17%, 16% and 15% above the Economic Capital Ratio average, which is the ratio of a company’s own funds to the assets they own under management. Essentially, it’s a measure of financial strength.

This also saw a reversal of the 2021 ratings, with Atlantic American and UTG switching places.

Special praise also has to go to National Security Group, who rose from 22nd place in 2021 to a mighty 4th place this year due to largely increased revenues, with a 17% swing, too. Way to turn it around!

Just 3 out of the 22 US life insurers have a negative Economic Capital Ratio. Here are the remaining contestants:
The U.S. life insurance market is a $1 trillion market with over 260 million life insurance policies currently active in the United States. They are provided with both term life insurance and annuities.

A high financial strength is the most important key figure for customers in the long run, ensuring profitable insurance products and low risk of default.

Best Value23.34%
Worst Value-7.31%
Top Rated5

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