2013 US Food

Financial Strength Rankings using Artificial Intelligence

Top rated13 of 55
Best rating337 %
Worst rating-3,638 %
New companies14
Negative Economic Capital Ratio7 of 55

Dean Foods Co climbed 22 positions from 37 to 15 due to its excellent Revenues.Tofutti Brands INC lost 13 positions from 12 to 25 due to its bad Expenses.Whitewave Foods Co entered the 2013 ranking at rank 7, making it the best newcomer.

Revenues214 B
Assets234 B
Expenses202 B
Stockholders Equity106 B
Unprofitable Companies14 of 55
RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend
1Oriental Dragon Corp337.16%1.0
2Nutrastar International Inc316.39%-1.0
3Lancaster Colony Corp272.68%0.0
4Keurig Green Mountain INC241.60%3.0
5Hillshire Brands Co239.16%14.0
6Sanderson Farms INC222.38%10.0
7Whitewave Foods Co221.49%0.0
8Deyu Agriculture Corp215.67%2.0
9Ingredion Inc198.34%2.0
10China Marine Food Group LTD197.98%-6.0
11Lifeway Foods Inc192.84%6.0
12Tootsie Roll Industries INC190.91%2.0
13Tyson Foods INC183.81%-4.0
14Planet Green Holdings Corp182.57%-1.0
15Dean Foods Co177.97%22.0
16Diamond Foods Inc170.46%0.0
18Flowers Foods INC167.59%0.0
19Overhill Farms INC149.97%4.0
20Coffee Holding Co INC142.56%5.0
21Hain Celestial Group INC124.02%0.0
22Sanfilippo John B SON INC123.96%0.0
23J M Smucker Co122.19%-3.0
24Inventure Foods INC121.00%8.0
25Tofutti Brands INC111.48%-13.0
26Golden Enterprises INC103.40%0.0
27Chase General Corp102.82%0.0
28Tanke Biosciences Corp102.04%1.0
29Snyder S Lance INC100.07%-5.0
30Mccormick Co INC95.45%-3.0
31Boulder Brands INC94.19%-9.0
32Treehouse Foods Inc92.69%-2.0
33Seneca Foods Corp90.22%0.0
34Mondelez International Inc84.36%2.0
35Post Holdings Inc82.98%0.0
36General Mills INC80.02%-5.0
37Conagra Brands INC75.51%-9.0
38Hershey Co66.35%1.0
39Ralcorp Holdings INC Mo64.44%-1.0
40B G Foods Inc60.74%1.0
41Bridgford Foods Corp51.10%-8.0
42Campbell Soup Co46.34%-2.0
43Synutra International Inc42.98%0.0
44Mead Johnson Nutrition Co40.35%-2.0
45Kraft Foods Group Inc37.99%0.0
46Pinnacle Foods Finance LLC33.33%-3.0
47Penford Corp32.17%0.0
48Barfresh Food Group INC23.31%0.0
49Farmer Brothers Co-1.84%0.0
50Ricebran Technologies-8.66%-6.0
51Mama S Creations Inc-48.04%0.0
52Cono Italiano Inc-311.66%-5.0
53Agritech Worldwide Inc-389.68%0.0
54Livewire Ergogenics Inc-927.31%-9.0
55Rogue One Inc-3638.37%0.0
RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend

Feature Distribution Plot

The Feature Distribution shows the main industry variables and the distribution of their impact on financial strength. The more important a variable, the broader the distribution. As the effects are calculated relative to the industry average, half of the companies have a positive effect (green) and half have a negative effect (red).

Regression Plot

The Regression Plot compares the forecasted company valuation with the observed stock market values. A positive correlation suggests that the model effectively explains market prices.

Feature Importance

The Feature Importance Graph highlights the most important industry features for the industry. These variables have the greatest impact on financial health, shown as the last variable at the bottom of the causal graph.

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