2010 US Finance Services

Financial Strength Rankings using Artificial Intelligence

Top rated0 of 3
Best rating266 %
Worst rating16.6 %
New companies
Negative Economic Capital Ratio

The biggest company by assets, Ameriprise Financial INC, is only ranked at place 3 whereas the smallest company, Franklin Resources INC, is financially stronger at rank 1.

Revenues14.8 B
Assets134 B
Expenses12.9 B
Stockholders Equity25.2 B
Unprofitable Companies

RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend
1Franklin Resources INC265.98%0.0
2Invesco Ltd182.85%0.0
3Ameriprise Financial INC16.60%0.0
RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend

Feature Distribution Plot

Regression Plot

United States Ratings

German Insurance Ratings

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