2022 US Consulting

Financial Strength Rankings using Artificial Intelligence

Top rated7 of 30
Best rating195 %
Worst rating-557 %
New companies8
Negative Economic Capital Ratio7 of 30

LIGHTBRIDGE Corp climbed 14 positions from 15 to 1 due to its excellent Assets, Current.NEXT-ChemX Corporation. lost 16 positions from 6 to 22 due to its bad Liabilities, Current.HACKETT GROUP INC. entered the 2022 ranking at rank 2, making it the best newcomer.

Revenues13.6 B
Assets15.9 B
Expenses12.7 B
Stockholders Equity7.23 B
Unprofitable Companies17 of 30

RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend
1LIGHTBRIDGE Corp194.87%14.0
3RMR GROUP INC.170.93%0.0
4Pharma-Bio Serv Inc.163.29%-3.0
5Mastech Digital Inc.148.23%-2.0
6EXPONENT INC140.65%0.0
7Apollo Medical Holdings Inc.126.36%-3.0
8Wilhelmina International Inc.122.57%2.0
9PINEAPPLE INC.120.47%-7.0
10Bowman Consulting Group Ltd.108.06%0.0
11Montrose Environmental Group Inc.102.45%2.0
13Huron Consulting Group Inc.101.34%-6.0
14Medicine Man Technologies Inc.89.89%-3.0
15ICF International Inc.80.60%-7.0
16Cyber Apps World80.21%-11.0
17Information Services Group Inc.78.40%-5.0
18Genpact LTD73.03%-4.0
19AgileThought Inc.62.23%0.0
20AmeriCann Inc.53.87%-4.0
21RYVYL Inc.32.24%-1.0
22NEXT-ChemX Corporation.23.40%-16.0
23TSS Inc.9.35%-6.0
241847 Holdings LLC-3.00%-3.0
27Digipath Inc.-87.76%-4.0
28Balance Labs Inc.-200.07%-6.0
29Bonanza Goldfields Corp.-371.93%0.0
30Hestia Insight Inc.-556.64%0.0
RankCompanySealRating ValueTrend

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