2020 Risk Insurance

Financial Strength Rankings using Artificial Intelligence

Top rated2 of 8
Best rating37,3 %
Worst rating5,89 %
New companies
Negative Economic Capital Ratio

InterRisk Leben climbed 1 positions from 6 to 5 due it’s excellent Bestandsabbaurate.EUROPA Leben lost 2 positions from 4 to 6 due it’s bad Risiko- und Übriges Ergebnis.The biggest company by assets, COSMOS Leben, is only ranked at place 8 whereas the smallest company, Delta Direkt Leben, is financially stronger at rank 1.

Revenues32,7 B
Assets2,59 B
Expenses804 M
Stockholders Equity1,43 B
Unprofitable Companies1,15 B

CompanySealRating ValueTrend
1Delta Direkt Leben37.3201.0
2Dialog Leben36.172-1.0
3Credit Life21.1300.0
4Deutsche Lebensversicherungs-AG19.0181.0
5InterRisk Leben17.0501.0
6EUROPA Leben17.048-2.0
7Hannoversche Leben7.8431.0
8COSMOS Leben5.893-1.0
CompanySealRating ValueTrend

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